SOFSEM 2000 - Instructions for the preparation of your final manuscript

The deadline for submission of the final version of your SOFSEM 2000
paper is
                             AUGUST 23, 2000. 
This is a firm deadline and we are not able to extend it due to the schedule
required by Springer-Verlag. 
** Instructions for the preparation of your final manuscript
The proceedings of the conference will be published by Springer-Verlag as
a volume of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science.  Your manuscript
should be prepared according to the instructions given by Springer at  Please read them carefully,
especially section seven.
Notice in particular that LaTeX format is STRONGLY preferred, to easily
prepare electronic version of proceedings and to ease the task of volume
editors. We suggest you to download the latest versions of Springer macros and
documentation from
and to learn from the example file given in Springer's instructions. Please,
do not change the defaults the style provides (page size, font, etc.), and use
its definitions (sections, theorems, etc.) as much as possible.
** Size of your contribution
The number of pages typeset using ten point type and llncs.cls (version 2.8)
LaTeX2e style file should not exceed 20 pages for invited talks and 8 pages
for contributed papers.
** Electronic submission
Please submit source file(s), the postscript file and all the other 
files of the final version of your paper by ftp, as follows:
1. Go to a directory containing all the files you need to upload.
2. Invoke your ftp client program and connect to
3. Log in as 'anonymous' or 'ftp' user.
4. Change directory to 
   where REFNO is a reference number of your paper. You have been provided 
   this number by email. This directory is reserved for your paper.
5. We recommend using binary mode for transfer of all files, we can handle 
   text files transfered in binary mode but not vice versa.
6. For each file you wish to upload, issue the 'put' command
   or equivalent.
7. Disconnect from the server.
!! Note that for security reasons you are not allowed to either read back   
!! or overwrite the files once they are uploaded.
In case of any problem notify us by email (, we shall
purge the directory and you can try again.
Please notify us by email to immediately after you have
completed your upload so that we can check completeness of your submission and
move it away from the ftp area in the interest of safety.
Before submitting the files, please make sure your submission is final. Once
your submission is completed, it is difficult to accept corrections or
a repeated submission.
** Copyright form
Please send a signed Copyright Form (available from Springer at by normal mail to
          Miroslav Bartosek
          Institute of CompSci, Masaryk University
          Botanicka 68a
          602 00 Brno
          Czech Republic
          Fax: +420-5-4121 2747
It is sufficient if one author signs the form on behalf of all the other
co-authors. You can send the form by fax as well.
** TeXnical support
In the case you will face technical problems with the preparation
of your LaTeX files, we are offering ``LaTeX email help service''  
for you at