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SOFSEM 2004 Contributed Talks papers

Title Authors
Computer Science Theory
Avoiding Forbidden Submatrices by Row Deletions Sebastian Wernicke, Jochen Alber, Jens Gramm, Jiong Guo, and Rolf Niedermeier
Validity Conditions in Agreement Problems and Time Complexity Bernadette Charron-Bost and Fabrice Le Fessant
An Embedded Language Approach to Router Specification in Curry Josep Silva, J. Guadalupe Ramos and Germán Vidal
Theory of One Tape Linear Time Turing Machines Kohtaro Tadaki, Tomoyuki Yamakami, and Jack C.H. Lin
Implicit Flow Maximization by Iterative Squaring Daniel Sawitzki
Some Notes on the Complexity of Protein Similarity Search under mRNA Structure Constraints Dirk Bongartz
Clustered Level Planarity Michael Forster, Christian Bachmaier
Quantum query complexity for some graph problems Aija Berzina, Andrej Dubrovsky, Rusins Freivalds, Lelde Lace, Oksana Scegulnaja
Measures of Intrinsic Hardness for Constraint Satisfaction Problem Instances George Boukeas, Constantinos Halatsis, Vassilis Zissimopoulos, Panagiotis Stamatopoulos
Database Technologies
Annotation Repositioning Methods in the XML Documents: Context-based Approach Won-Sung Sohn
Multi-Document Automatic Text Summarization Using Entropy Estimates Ravindra G, Balakrishnan N, Ramakrishnan K R
Features of Neighbors Spaces Marcel Jirina and Marcel Jirina, jr.
Processing XPath expressions in relational databases Tadeusz Pankowski
Cognitive Technologies
Building a Bridge Between Mirror Neurons and Theory of Embodied Cognition Jiøí Wiedermann
Artificial Perception: Auditory Decomposition of Mixtures of Environmental Sounds Ladislava Janku
Evolving Constructors for Infinitely Growing Sorting Networks and Medians Lukas Sekanina
Approaches based on Markovian architectural bias in recurrent neural networks Matej Makula, Michal Cernansky and Lubica Benuskova
Web Technologies
A Model of Versioned Web Sites Maria Bielikova and Ivan Noris
Discovery of lexical entries for non-taxonomic relations in ontology learning Martin Kavalec, Alexander Maedche, Vojtech Svatek
Context-based Proofreading Interface in XML Documents Won-Sung Sohn
Design of Secure Multicast Models for Mobile Services Elijah Blessing.R, Rhymend Uthariaraj.V
Supporting evolution in workflow definition languages Sérgio Miguel Fernandes, João Cachopo, and António Rito Silva
Fuzzy Group Models for Adaptation in Cooperative Information Retrieval Contexts Miguel A. Sicilia Urbán, Elena García Barriocanal
Student Research Forum
Fully Truthful Mechanisms Ning Chen, Hong Zhu