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Dr. Michael Schroeder

Short CV:
is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Computing at City University London. He teaches courses on Distributed Systems, Software Agents and Bioinformatics and carries out research in intelligent information integration with applications in bioinformatics. He has published over 70 articles including a monograph, two patents and 13 journal articles. He supervises 8 PhD students/RAs and manages nationally and EU-funded projects on building information agents which integrate information, deal with conflicts, and visualise the data to the user. He is joint winner of the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs Competition in 2000 and co-chaired two AISB symposia and a workshop on rule mark-up langugages.

Long CV

Contact Address:

Dr. Michael Schroeder
Biotec & Department of Computing, TU Dresden
Max-Planck Institute for Cell Biology and Genetics
Pfotenhauerstr 108
01307 Dresden
t: ++49 351 312 3010
t: ++49 351 313 9116
f: ++49 351 210 2020
e: msch@soi.city.ac.uk,

Visiting Scientist at Bioinformatics group, MRC-Dunn, Medical Research Council,
Cambridge, UK
Senior Lecturer at Department of Computing, School of Informatics, City University,
Northampton Square, London, EC1V 0HB, UK, Room: CIC208,
t: ++44 20 7040 8918,
f: ++44 20 7040 8587,
e: msch@soi.city.ac.uk,
w: http://www.soi.city.ac.uk/~msch/