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SOFSEM 2004 Work-in-progress & Applications papers

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Title Authors
Computer Science Theory
On the Properties of Probabilistic Reversible Automata Rusins Freivalds, Marats Golovkins and Arnolds Kikusts
A Cluster Based Semi-distributed Routing Protocol For Mobile Networks Kayhan Erciyes
A Comprehensive Empirical Analysis of Greedy Strategies for Detecting Negative Cost Cycles in Networks K. Subramani, L. Kovalchick, D. Desovski
Track Planarity Testing and Embedding Christian Bachmaier, Franz. J. Brandenburg, Michael Forster
Approximation for Dominating Set Problem with Measure Functions Ning Chen, Jie Meng, Hong Zhu
When Small Number of Alternations is Not Enough Slawomir Leszczynski
A New Design of Optimum-time Firing Squad Synchronization Algorithm for Rectangular Arrays Hiroshi Umeo, Shunsuke Akiguchi and Masashi Maeda
Incorporating Static Type-Checking into Functions Defined on Context-Free Languages Haiming Chen and Yunmei Dong
The hypocoloring problem: complexity and approximability results when chromatic number is small Dominique de Werra, Marc Demange, Jérôme Monnot and Vangelis Th. Paschos
Database Technologies
A Hybrid Approach to Manage Replication in Transactional Distributed Systems. Luis Irun-Briz, Francesc D. Munoz-Escoi and Josep M. Bernabeu-Auban
Querying a Multiversion Data Warehouse B. Bebel, Tadeusz Morzy, Robert Wrembel
Role-Specific Operators in the SBQL Query Language Andrzej Jodłowski, Jacek Płodzień, Ewa Stemposz, Kazimierz Subieta
A Locking-based Concurrency Control Technique in Decision Supporting Environments Woochun Jun
The Consistency Preserving Technique Based on the Replica Tree in the Partially Replicated Databases Misook Bae and Buhyun Hwang
Cognitive Technologies
Processing Symbolic Sequences by Recurrent Neural Networks Trained by Kalman Filter Based Algorithms Michal Cernansky, Matej Makula and Lubica Benuskova
An application of Elman’s Recurrent Neural Networks to Harmonic Detection Fevzullah Temurtas, Rustu Gunturkun, Nejat Yumusak, Hasan Temurtas, Abdurrahman Unsal
Learning Curves of Support Vector Machines with Soft Margins Kazushi Ikeda and Tsutomu Aoishi
Which knobs to turn in compressing video? Cognitive Study of UserWhich knobs to turn in compressing video? Cognitive Study of User Youjip Won, Seungho Song, Injae Song
Replicator Theory of Coevolution of Chomsky's Universal Grammars and Generative Grammars Vladimir Kvasnicka and Jiri Pospichal
Communicating Agents and Property-Based Types versus Objects Jan Smid, Marek Obitko, Vaclav Snasel
Shape recognition of the embryo cell using deformable template for micromanipulation Min-Soo Jang, Seok-Joo Lee, Ho-Dong Lee, Yong-Guk Kim, Byungkyu Kim, Gwi Tae Park
Web Technologies
Multi-agent based workflow evaluation R. Aiello, G. Nota, G. Franco, M. P. Di Gregorio
Agvent: Agent Based Distributed Event System Ozgur Koray SAHINGOZ, Nadia ERDOGAN
Decentralized Content-aware Dispatching Algorithms for Web Clusters DU Zeng-Kai, JU Jiu-Bin
An Ontology based Agent for Web Resource Pre-processing and Discovery Alberto Mendez-Torreblanca and Aurelio Lopez-Lopez
On the Mechanism and the Detecting Algorithm of Workflow Hang-up Yu Wang, Feng Jin, Yunfa Hu
Higher Order Server Pages Dirk Draheim, Gerald Weber