SOFSEM 2004 Photo-Documentation

  Saturday January 24, 2004 Sunday January 25, 2004 Monday January 26, 2004 Tuesday January 27, 2004 Wednesday January 28, 2004 Thursday January 29, 2004 Friday January 30, 2004
8.30-9.00   Hendrik Jaap van den Herik:
"Games, Theory and Applications"
TF1 WEB1 CT1 DB1 Vijay Kumar:
"Integration, Diffussion and Merging in Information Management Discipline"
Natasa Milic-Frayling:
"Web Challenges: Supporting Users in Search and Navigation"
Peter Lockemann:
"Flexibility Through Multi-Agent Systems: Advancement or Disappointment?"
10.30-11.00 Keith Jeffery:
"Database Research Issues in a WWW and GRIDs World"
TF2 WEB2 CT2 DB2 TF4 TF5 Dimitris Plexousakis:
"Querying and Viewing the Semantic Web: an RDF-Based Perspective"
13.30-15.30 Arrival
Steering Committee   Excursion to Ondrejov Observatory Excursion to Prague BREAK
15.30-16.00 Michael Schroeder:
"Rules and the Semantic Web"
TF3 WEB3 CT3   PhD Forum Pavel Zezula,
Frederica Mandreoli,
Riccardo Martoglia:
"Tree Signatures and Unordered XML Pattern Matching"
17.00-17.30 Outside, Nature & ... COFFEE BREAK  
17.30-18.00 Danuta Rutkowska:
"Knowledge Aquisition and Inference in the Framework of Soft Computing and Computing with Words"
CACIO TF6 Peter Sanders:
"Algorithms for Scalable Storage Servers"
18:30-19:00   Microsoft
19.15 Academy of Sciences
Bolzano Medal
Awarding to
Jozef Gruska
WELCOME PARTY & Buffet Dinner
20.00- 30-th Anniversary of SOFSEM Evening ANTISOFSEM 2004
Late Late Evening Late Evening Late Evening  
Sebastian Wernicke, Jochen Alber, Jens Gramm, Jiong Guo, and Rolf Niedermeier:
"Avoiding Forbidden Submatrices by Row Deletions"
Bernadette Charron-Bost and Fabrice Le Fessant:
"Validity Conditions in Agreement Problems and Time Complexity"
Josep Silva, J. Guadalupe Ramos and Germán Vidal:
"An Embedded Language Approach to Router Specification in Curry"
Kohtaro Tadaki, Tomoyuki Yamakami, and Jack C.H. Lin: "Theory of One Tape Linear Time Turing Machines"
Daniel Sawitzki:
"Implicit Flow Maximization by Iterative Squaring"
Dirk Bongartz:
"Some Notes on the Complexity of Protein Similarity Search under mRNA Structure Constraints"
Michael Forster, Christian Bachmaier "Clustered Level Planarity"
Aija Berzina, Andrej Dubrovsky, Rusins Freivalds, Lelde Lace, Oksana Scegulnaja:
"Quantum query complexity for some graph problems"
Rusins Freivalds, Marats Golovkins and Arnolds Kikusts:
"On the Properties of Probabilistic Reversible Automata"
George Boukeas, Constantinos Halatsis, Vassilis Zissimopoulos, Panagiotis Stamatopoulos:
"Measures of Intrinsic Hardness for Constraint Satisfaction Problem Instances"
Kayhan Erciyes:
"A Cluster Based Semi-distributed Routing Protocol For Mobile Networks"
K. Subramani, L. Kovalchick, D. Desovski:
"Contraction versus Relaxation:
The case for greedy approaches to the Negative Cost cycle detection problem"
Christian Bachmaier, Franz. J. Brandenburg, Michael Forster:
"Track Planarity Testing and Embedding"
Ning Chen, Jie Meng, Hong Zhu:
"Approximation for Dominating Set Problem with Measure Functions"
Slawomir Leszczynski:
"When small number of alternations is not enough"
Hiroshi Umeo, Shunsuke Akiguchi and Masashi Maeda:
"A New Design of Optimum-time Firing Squad Synchronization Algorithm for Rectangular Arrays"
Haiming Chen and Yunmei Dong:
"Incorporating Static Type-Checking into Functions on Context-free Languages"
Dominique de Werra, Marc Demange, Jérôme Monnot and Vangelis Th. Paschos:
"The hypocoloring problem:
complexity and approximability results when chromatic number is small"
Won-Sung Sohn:
"Annotation Repositioning Methods in the XML Documents:
Context-based Approach"
Ravindra G, Balakrishnan N, Ramakrishnan K R:
"Multi-Document Automatic Text Summarization Using Entropy Estimates"
Marcel Jirina and Marcel Jirina, jr.:
"Features of Neighbors Spaces"
Tadeusz Pankowski:
"Processing XPath expressions in relational databases"
Luis Irun-Briz, Francesc D. Munoz-Escoi and Josep M. Bernabeu-Auban:
"A Hybrid Approach to Manage Replication in Transactional Distributed Systems."
B. Bebel, Tadeusz Morzy, Robert Wrembel:
"Querying a Multiversion Data Warehouse"
Andrzej Jod³owski, Jacek P³odzieñ, Ewa Stemposz, Kazimierz Subieta:
"Role-Specific Operators in the SBQL Query Language"
Woochun Jun:
"A Locking-based Concurrency Control Technique in Decision Supporting Environments"
Misook Bae and Buhyun Hwang:
"The Consistency Preserving Technique Based on the Replica Tree in the Partially Replicated Databases"
Jiøí Wiedermann:
"Building a Bridge Between Mirror Neurons and Theory of Embodied Cognition"
Ladislava Janku:
"Artificial Perception:
Auditory Decomposition of Mixtures of Environmental Sounds"
Lukas Sekanina:
"Evolving Constructors for Infinitely Growing Sorting Networks and Medians"
Matej Makula, Michal Cernansky and Lubica Benuskova:
"Approaches based on Markovian architectural bias in recurrent neural networks"
Michal Cernansky, Matej Makula and Lubica Benuskova:
"Processing Symbolic Sequences by Recurrent Neural Networks Trained by Kalman Filter Based Algorithms"
Fevzullah Temurtas, Rustu Gunturkun, Nejat Yumusak, Hasan Temurtas, Abdurrahman Unsal:
"An application of Elman’s Recurrent Neural Networks to Harmonic Detection"
Kazushi Ikeda and Tsutomu Aoishi:
"Learning Curves of Support Vector Machines with Soft Margins"
Youjip Won, Seungho Song, Injae Song:
"Which knobs to turn in compressing video? Cognitive Study of UserWhich knobs to turn in compressing video? Cognitive Study of User"
Vladimir Kvasnicka and Jiri Pospichal:
"Replicator theory of coevolution of Chomsky’s universal grammars and generative grammars"
Jan Smid, Marek Obitko, Vaclav Snasel:
"Communicating Agents and Property-Based Types versus Objects"
Min-Soo Jang, Seok-Joo Lee, Ho-Dong Lee, Yong-Guk Kim, Byungkyu Kim, Gwi Tae Park:
"Shape recognition of the embryo cell using deformable template for micromanipulation"
Maria Bielikova and Ivan Noris:
"A Model of Versioned Web Sites"
Martin Kavalec, Alexander Maedche, Vojtech Svatek:
"Discovery of lexical entries for non-taxonomic relations in ontology learning"
Won-Sung Sohn:
"Context-based Proofreading Interface in XML Documents"
Elijah Blessing.R, Rhymend Uthariaraj.V:
"Design of Secure Multicast Models for Mobile Services"
Sérgio Miguel Fernandes, João Cachopo, and António Rito Silva:
"Supporting evolution in workflow definition languages"
Miguel A. Sicilia Urbán, Elena García Barriocanal:
"Fuzzy Group Models for Adaptation in Cooperative Information Retrieval Contexts"
R. Aiello, G. Nota, G. Franco, M. P. Di Gregorio:
"Multi-agent based workflow evaluation"
Ozgur Koray SAHINGOZ, Nadia ERDOGAN:
DU Zeng-Kai, JU Jiu-Bin:
"Distributed Content-aware Request Distribution in Cluster-based Web Servers"
Alberto Mendez-Torreblanca and Aurelio Lopez-Lopez:
"An Ontology based Agent for Web Resource Pre-processing and Discovery"
Yu Wang, Feng Jin, Yunfa Hu:
"On The Mechanism and the Detecting Algorithm of Workflow Hang-up"
Dirk Draheim, Gerald Weber:
"Higher Order Server Pages"
Ning Chen, Hong Zhu:
"Fully Truthful Mechanisms"
Hazem M. El-Bakry:
"Fast Neural Networks For object detection"
Miroslav Køipaè:
"Efficient Data Sharing Within Database Clusters"
Jakub Güttner:
"An Object Database Over the Semantic Web"
David Antos, Jan Korenek:
"String Matching for IPv6 Routers"
Dániel Szegõ:
"Using Description Logics in Web Document Processing"
Mahdi Jalili-Kharaajoo:
"Improvement of the Performance of Neurofuzzy Predictors by Means of Emotional Learning"
Dušan Bernát:
"Synchronisation and Concurrency"
Roman Szarowski, Karel Muller:
"Building CORBA Clusters Using MIOP Protocol"