Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science
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Invited Speakers

The invited speakers for SOFSEM will include:

  • Arne Andersson (Uppsala University, Sweden):
    A New Analysis of Expected Revenue: Combinatorial and Simultaneous Auctions

  • Christian Attiogbé (University of Nantes, France):
    Can Component/Service-based Systems be Proved Correct?

  • Christel Baier (University of Bonn, Germany):
    Probabilistic Acceptors for Languages over Infinite Words

  • Josh Berdine (Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK):
    Automatic Verication of Heap Manipulation using Separation Logic

  • Dawson Engler (Stanford University, USA):
    A few billion lines of code later: experiences in commercializing a static checking tool

  • Nicole Immorlica (Northwestern University, USA):
    Technology Diffusion in Social Networks: The Role of Compatibility

  • Radovan Janeček (BTO, HP Software, Czech Rep.):
    Service Oriented Architecture Pitfalls

  • Marcin Jurdzinski (University of Warwick, UK):
    Algorithms for Solving Infinite Games

  • Giuseppe Longo (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France):
    Randomness and Determination, from Physics and Computing towards Biology

  • David Parkes (Harvard University, USA):
    When Analysis Fails: Heuristic Mechanism Design via Self-Correcting Procedures

SOFSEM 2009, January 24-30, 2009, ©pindlerův Mlýn, Czech Republic