SofSeml2010 Accepted Papers

Accepted for LNCS

4Beate Bollig:
 Symbolic OBDD-based reachability analysis needs exponential space
5Reza Ebrahimpour, Seyed Zeinolabedin Moussavi and Kambiz Zarei:
 Improving Classification Performance with Focus on the Complex Areas
6Alexander Grigoriev, Joyce Van Loon and Marc Uetz:
 On the Complexity of the Highway Pricing Problem
9Friedrich Otto:
 CD-Systems of Restarting Automata Governed by Explicit Enable and Disable Conditions
11Inge Li Gørtz and Philip Bille:
 Fast Arc-Annotated Subsequence Matching in Linear Space
14Maxime Crochemore, Costas Iliopoulos, Marcin Kubica, Wojciech Rytter and Tomasz Walen:
 Efficient Algorithms for Two Extensions of LPF Table: The Power of Suffix Arrays
21Peter Pirkelbauer, Dechev Damian and Bjarne Stroustrup:
 Source Code Rejuvenation is not Refactoring
24Luca Aceto, Anna Ingolfsdottir, MohammadReza Mousavi and Michel Reniers:
 A Rule Format for Unit Elements
26Antonios Antoniadis and Andrzej Lingas:
 Approximability of Edge Matching Puzzles
27Peter Kajsa and Ľubomír Majtás:
 Design Patterns Instantiation Based on Semantics and Model Transformations
28Hatem Chatti, Laurent Gourves and Jerome Monnot:
 On a Labeled Vehicle Routing Problem
29Maxim Babenko, Ilya Razenshteyn and Ignat Kolesnichenko:
 A Linear Time Algorithm for Finding Three Edge-Disjoint Paths in Eulerian Networks
36Ruben van der Zwaan:
 Vertex Ranking with Capacity
39Guy Even and Moti Medina:
 Parallel Randomized Load Balancing Algorithms: A Lower Bound for a More General Model
40Tamara Mchedlidze and Antonios Symvonis:
 Unilateral Orientation of Mixed Graphs
41Piotr Cybula and Kazimierz Subieta:
 Query Optimization through Cached Queries for Object-Oriented Query Language SBQL
45John Fearnley, Marcin Jurdzinski and Rahul Savani:
 Linear Complementarity Algorithms for Infinite Games
47Giorgio Gnecco and Marcello Sanguineti:
 Smooth Optimal Decision Strategies for Static Team Optimization Problems and Their Approximations
48François Bry and Jakub Kotowski:
 A Social Vision of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
50David Harel, Hillel Kugler, Shahar Maoz and Itai Segall:
 Accelerating Smart Play-Out
51Pim van 't Hof, Marcin Kaminski, Daniel Paulusma, Stefan Szeider and Dimitrios Thilikos:
 On Contracting Graphs to Fixed Pattern Graphs
59Adrien Vieilleribiere and Michel de Rougemont:
 Approximate Structural Consistency
63Piotr Stanczyk and Krzysztof Diks:
 Perfect Matching for Biconnected Cubic Graphs in O(n log2n) time
65Daniel Raible and Henning Fernau:
 An Amortized Search Tree Analysis for k-Leaf Spanning Tree
67François Bry and Klara Weiand:
 Flavors of KWQL, a Keyword Query Language for a Semantic Wiki
69Harald Zankl, Christian Sternagel, Dieter Hofbauer and Aart Middeldorp:
 Finding and Certifying Loops
73Alexander Grigoriev, Bert Marchal and Natalya Usotskaya:
 Algorithms for the Minimum Edge Cover of H-Subgraphs of a Graph
77Alan Eckhardt and Peter Vojtáš:
 Learning User Preferences for 2CP-Regression for a Recommender System
78Silvio Capobianco:
 On Pattern Density and Sliding Block Code Behavior for the Besicovitch and Weyl Pseudo-distances
83Guenter Pirklbauer:
 Empirical Evaluation of Strategies to Detect Logical Change Dependencies
86Patrick Michel and Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter:
 Maintaining XML Data Integrity in Programming: An Abstract Datatype Approach
88Jakub Radoszewski and Wojciech Rytter:
 Efficient Testing of Equivalence of Words in a Free Idempotent Semigroup
89Jan Vraný and Michal Píše:
 Multilanguage Debugger Architecture
90Peter Vojtek and Mária Bieliková:
 Homophily of Neigborhood in Graph Relational Classifier
91Frank de Boer and Immo Grabe:
 Automated Deadlock Detection in Synchronized Reentrant Multithreaded Call-Graphs
93Elisa Pappalardo and Simone Faro:
 Ant-CSP: an Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for the Closest String Problem
97Mikolas Janota, Goetz Botterweck, Radu Grigore and Joao P. Marques-Silva:
 How and When to End Interactive Configuration Process?
98Jędrzej Fulara and Krzysztof Jakubczyk:
 Practically Applicable Formal Methods
102Pierre Courtieu, Gladys Gbedo and Olivier Pons:
 Improved Matrix Interpretation
104Alain Finkel and Arnaud Sangnier:
 Mixing Coverability and Eeachability to Analyze VASS with one Zero-Test
106Jun Liu and Mark Roantree:
 OTwig: An Optimised Twig Pattern Matching Approach For XML Databases
111Danuta Zakrzewska:
 Student Groups Modeling by Integrating Cluster Representation and Association Rules Mining
113David Bednárek:
 R-programs: A framework for Distributing XML Structural Joins across Function Calls
122Robert Ganian and Petr Hlineny:
 New Results on the Complexity of Oriented Colouring on Restricted Digraph Classes
123David Duris:
 Destructive Rule-Based Properties and First Order Logic
124Heikki Hyyrö, Kazuyuki Narisawa and Shunsuke Inenaga:
 Dynamic Edit Distance Table under a General Weighted Cost Function
125Hans L. Bodlaender and Marc Comas:
 A Kernel for Convex Recoloring of Weighted Forests
126Veronika Vaněková and Peter Vojtáš:
 Comparison of Scoring and Order Approach in Description Logic EL(D)
131Jia Liu and Huimin Lin:
 A Complete Symbolic Bisimulation for Full Applied Pi Calculus
133Travis Gagie, Gonzalo Navarro and Yakov Nekrich:
 Fast and Compact Prefix Codes
141Violetta Lonati and Matteo Pradella:
 Picture Recognizability with Automata Based on Wang Tiles
153Hovhannes Harutyunyan and Shahin Kamali:
 Optimum Broadcasting in Complete Weighted-Vertex Graphs
156Michal Smialek, Audris Kalnins, Elina Kalnina, Albert Ambroziewicz, Tomasz Straszak and Katharina Wolter:
 Comprehensive System for Systematic Case-Based Model Reuse

Accepted for Student Research Forum

19Kaspars Balodis, Rūsiņš Freivalds, Lauma Pretkalniņa, Inga Rumkovska and Madars Virza:
 Nonconstructive Language Recognition by Finite Automata
52Krzysztof Krzywdziński:
 Distributed Algorithm Finding Regular Clustering in Unit Disc Graphs
56Martin Jacala and Jozef Tvarozek:
 Identifying Entity Relationships in News Reports
58Tomas Plch:
 Enhancements for reactive planning – tricks and hacks
70Luis Antunes, Armando Matos, André Souto and Andreia Teixeira:
 Kolmogorov Complexity and Entropy Measures
72André Souto:
 Kolmogorov Complexity Cores
87Cui Di and Andrzej Lingas:
 Substantially Subcubic Approximation Schemes for Maximum Weight Bipartite Matching
95Sakshi Chandra and Somya Agarwal:
 Acyclic Orientation of Undirected Graphs to Maximize Reachability
99Sonja Georgievska and Suzana Andova:
 Testing Probabilistic Processes: Can Random Choices be Unobservable?
108Omer Landry Nguena Timo:
 Disjunctive Normal Form for Event-Recording Logic
151Syed Saif ur Rahman, Ateeq Khan and Gunter Saake:
 Rulespect: Language-Independent Rule-Based AOP Model for Adaptable Context-Sensitive Web Services
159Miloš Janek and Pavel Loupal:
 Towards an Effective Labeling Method for the XML-Lambda Framework