Instructions for Authors

The authors of interest are kindly asked to submit the papers respecting the following instructions.

The submitted papers should

EasyChair Conference System

The EasyChair Conference System requires registration, therefore if you don't have an account yet, we suggest you to obtain an account in advance.

The final camera-ready version of your paper has to follow the Lecture Notes in Computer Science format and should be submitted as one ZIP file containing

  • all source files (LaTeX file(s) or MS Word document, included original images, etc.),
  • the corresponding PDF file and
  • a signed copyright form (a scanned version is acceptable)
     – Title of the Book: SOFSEM 2015: Theory and Practice of Computer Science
     – Volume Editors: Giuseppe F. Italiano, Tiziana Margaria-Steffen, Jaroslav Pokorný, Jean-Jacques Quisquater, Roger Wattenhofer
     – Volume Number: 8939
     – ISBN: 978-3-662-46077-1 (Print), 978-3-662-46078-8 (Online)

using the EasyChair Conference System no later than October 6, 2014, 12:00 p. m. (GMT).

At least one author of each contributed paper MUST register for the conference no later than October 31, 2014 – see Registration & Fees.

Please note, that according to the Springer instructions:

  1. all the title and authors' names in the headers of your paper are written as they are to appear in the final Table of Contents and Author Index (the final Table of Contents and the final Author Index are generated from the headers).
  2. Please also check the quality of the figures included in the ZIP file with the final camera-ready version. Make sure that the figures are not of a low resolution and are suitable for printing in black and white.
  3. Kindly take also in mind, that Springer makes your email addresses as given on your papers to appear in the metadata of the online version of the book.

Help on Easychair paper uploading:

Paper <id> » Submit a new version (on the right) » Browse » choose ZIP file » Submit a New Version.
Then you should get the mail "resubmission of paper <id>".

All types of submissions (invited papers and contributed papers in LNCS proceedings and student research forum papers in local proceedings) have to follow the Lecture Notes in Computer Science format (see the Authors Instructions at Accepted paper formats are PDF or DOC (note that in case of camera ready PDF created by LaTeX source files and images should be also included).

The target paper size is:

  • 8–20 pages for invited talks,
  • 12 pages for contributed (LNCS) papers and the Student Research Forum papers.
  • 4 pages of extended abstract for a poster session

Springer Verlag

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