Accepted Papers

Foundations of Computer Science

  •   2  Liyu Zhang, Chen Yuan and Haibin Kan:
           Probabilistic Autoreductions
  •   7  Maria Paola Bianchi, Hans-Joachim Boeckenhauer, Tatjana Bruelisauer, Dennis Komm and Beatrice Palano:
           Online Minimum Spanning Tree with Advice
  •   8  Stefan Dobrev, Juraj Hromkovic, Dennis Komm, Richard Kralovic, Rastislav Kralovic and Tobias Mömke:
           The Complexity of Paging under a Probabilistic Adversary
  •  10  Maciej Bendkowski, Katarzyna Grygiel, Pierre Lescanne and Marek Zaionc:
           A Natural Counting of Lambda Terms
  •  17  Takuya Takagi, Shunsuke Inenaga and Hiroki Arimura:
           Fully-online Construction of Suffix Trees and DAWGs for Multiple Texts  Student Research Forum   Later withdrawn by authors 
  •  30  Da-Jung Cho, Yo-Sub Han, Timothy Ng and Kai Salomaa:
           Pseudoknot-Generating Operation
  •  33  Krists Magons:
           Applications and Benefits of Elliptic Curve Cryptography  Student Research Forum 
  •  36  Maksims Dimitrijevs:
           Capabilities of Ultrametric Automata with One, Two and Three States
  •  38  Maksims Dimitrijevs:
           State Complexity Advantages of Ultrametric Automata  Student Research Forum 
  •  40  Oleksiy Kurganskyy and Igor Potapov:
           Reachability Problems for PAMs
  •  45  Kent Kwee and Friedrich Otto:
           On the Effects of Nondeterminism on Ordered Restarting Automata
  •  48  Frank De Boer and Stijn De Gouw:
           Run-Time Checking Multi-threaded Java Programs
  •  49  Harout Aydinian, Ferdinando Cicalese, Christian Deppe and Vladimir Lebedev:
           A Combinatorial Model of Two-sided Search
  •  51  Chao Wang, Yi Lv and Peng Wu:
           Bounded TSO-to-SC Linearizability is Decidable
  •  54  Roman Barták:
           Using Attribute Grammars to Model Nested Workflows with Extra Constraints
  •  55  Jan Clemens Gehrke, Klaus Jansen, Stefan Kraft and Jakob Schikowski:
           A PTAS for Scheduling Unrelated Machines of Few Different Types
  •  57  Philip Bille, Inge Li Gørtz and Frederik Rye Skjoldjensen:
           Subsequence Automata with Default Transitions
  •  63  Xavier Muñoz, Walter Unger, Elisabet Burjons and Juraj Hromkovic:
           Online Graph Coloring with Advice and Randomized Adversary (Extended Abstract)
  •  67  Maciej Gazda and Tim Willemse:
           On Parity Game Preorders and the Logic of Matching Plays
  •  68  Nikolajs Nahimovs and Alexander Rivosh:
           Quantum Walks on Two-Dimensional Grids with Multiple Marked Locations
  •  70  Dmitry Kravchenko, Nikolajs Nahimovs and Alexander Rivosh:
           Grover's Search with Faults on Some Marked Elements
  •  74  Kfir Barhum and Juraj Hromkovic:
           On the Power of Laconic Advice in Communication Complexity
  •  87  Kārlis Jēriņš:
           Grids of Finite Automata  Student Research Forum 
  • 105  Nicolaos Matsakis:
           LQD is 1.5-competitive for 3-port Shared-Memory Switches  Student Research Forum 
  • 117  Octavio J. Salcedo Parra and Brayan Reyes:
           Comparative Study of Performance for 804.15.4 ZigBee and 6LoWPAN Protocols  Student Research Forum 
  • 123  Maciej Skorski:
           The Optimal Shape of Smooth Renyi Entropy
  • 129  Martin Böhm:
           Lower Bounds for Online Bin Stretching with Several Bins  Student Research Forum 
  • 130  Klaus Jansen, Felix Land and Maren Kaluza:
           Precedence Scheduling with Unit Execution Time is Equivalent to Parametrized Biclique
  • 131  Patrizio Angelini, Giordano Da Lozzo, Marco Di Bartolomeo, Valentino Di Donato, Maurizio Patrignani, Vincenzo Roselli and Ioannis Tollis:
           L-Drawings of Directed Graphs
  • 134  Muhammad Jawaherul Alam, Michael Kaufmann and Stephen Kobourov:
           On Contact Graphs with Cubes and Proportional Boxes
  • 136  Marjan Van Den Akker, Hans L. Bodlaender, Thomas C. Van Dijk, Han Hoogeveen and Erik van Ommeren:
           Robust Recoverable Path using Backup Nodes
  • 142  David Janin:
           Walking Automata in Free Inverse Monoids
  • 143  Md. Jawaherul Alam, Stephen G. Kobourov and Debajyoti Mondal:
           Orthogonal Layout with Optimal Face Complexity
  • 144  Maciej Skorski:
           Lower Bounds on $q$-wise Independence Tails and Applications to Min-entropy Condensers  Student Research Forum 
  • 150  Heikki Hyyrö and Shunsuke Inenaga:
           Compacting a Dynamic Edit Distance Table by RLE Compression

Software Engineering: Methods, Tools, Applications

  •  11  Luis Llana, María-Emilia Cambronero and Gregorio Díaz:
           Simulation Semantics for Formal e-Contracts
  •  62  Nikolaos Bezirgiannis and Frank De Boer:
           ABS: A High-level Modeling Language for Cloud-Aware Programming
  •  64  Adel Hassan and Mourad Oussalah:
           Meta-Evolution Style for Software Architecture Evolution
  •  77  Peter Kubán, Maria Lucká and Tomáš Farkaš:
           Effective Parallel Multicore-optimized K-mers Counting Algorithm
  •  83  Gerard Wagenaar and Remko Helms:
           Overview of Criteria Used in Support of Scrum Processes  Student Research Forum   Later withdrawn by authors 
  •  85  Jakub Danek and Premek Brada:
           Finding Optimal Compatible Set of Software Components Using Integer Linear Programming
  •  94  Karel Cemus, Tomáš Černý, Luboš Matl and Jeff Donahoo:
           Evaluation of Aspect-driven Design for Enteprise Information Systems

Data, Information and Knowledge Engineering

  •   5  Roberto Solar, Verónica Gil-Costa and Mauricio Marín:
           Evaluation of Static/Dynamic Cache for Similarity Search Engines
  •  22  Veronica Carvalho, Renan Padua and Solange Rezende:
           Solving the Problem of Selecting Suitable Objective Measures by Clustering Association Rules through the Measures Themselves
  •  27  Tomáš Černý and Jeff Donahoo:
           Survey On Concern Separation in Service Integration
  •  28  Ondřej Bureš, Monika Borkovcová and Petra Poulová:
           Technology of Encrypted Tunnels with Practical Usage  Student Research Forum 
  •  34  Azam Sheikh Muhammad, Peter Damaschke and Olof Mogren:
           Summarizing Online User Reviews using Bicliques
  •  37  Krzysztof Rychlicki-Kicior, Bartlomiej Stasiak and Mykhaylo Yatsymirskyy:
           Application of Multiple Sound Representations in Multipitch Estimation Using Shift-invariant Probabilistic Latent Component Analysis
  •  39  Robert Moro, Mate Vangel and Maria Bielikova:
           Identification of Navigation Lead Candidates Using Citation and Co-Citation Analysis
  •  71  Renan Padua, Veronica Carvalho and Solange Rezende:
           Post-Processing Association Rules: A Network based Label Propagation Approach
  •  98  Hamid Parvin:
           Optimal Rate Control in Wireless Network on Chip (WiNoC)  Student Research Forum 
  • 100  Ali Heidarzadegan:
           Online Mining of Vehicle in Camera Videos  Student Research Forum 
  • 110  Ali Nozari:
           Edited Nearest Neighbor Classifier by Reducing Dataset Size  Student Research Forum 
  • 120  Tom Sebastian and Joachim Niehren:
           Projection for Nested Word Automata Speeds up XPath Evaluation on XML Streams
  • 127  Wararat Jakawat, Cécile Favre and Sabine Loudcher:
           Graphs Enriched by Cubes for OLAP on Bibliographic Networks  Student Research Forum 
  • 135  Matúš Košút and Marián Šimko:
           Analyzing Temporal Properties in Movie Subtitles to Improve Keyword Extraction
  • 149  Ladislav Gallay and Marián Šimko:
           Utilizing Vector Models for Automatic Text Lemmatization

Poster Section

  • 151  Ieva Zarina:
           State Complexity of Permutations
  • 152  Diptarama, Yohei Ueki, Kazuyuki Narisawa and Ayumi Shinohara:
           KMP Based Pattern Matching Algorithms for Multi-track Strings
  • 153  Yohei Ueki, Kazuyuki Narisawa and Ayumi Shinohara:
           A Fast Order-Preserving Matching with q-neighborhood Filtration Using SIMD Instructions
  • 154  Kristaps Folkmanis:
           Galois Theory Methods in Complexity of Boolean Functions
  • 155  Maciej Skorski:
           How to Simulate Auxiliary Inputs?
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