SOFSEM'95 - Contributed Talks

  1. Borovansky, P. - CRIN & INRIA
    Implementation of higher-order unification based on calculus of explicit substitutions
  2. Cappelli, A., De Castro, C., Scalas, M.R. - Univ. di Bologna
    A Modular History-Oriented Access Structure for Bitemporal Relation Databases
  3. Gellersen, H.W. - Univ. of Karlsruhe
    SE meets Human-Computer Interaction: Integrating User Interface Design in an OO Methodology
  4. Holan, T., Kubon, V., Platek,M. - CU Prag
    Parsing of free-word-order Languages
  5. Jennings, E. - Lulea Univ.
    Distributed Algorithm for Finding a Core of a Tree Network
  6. Kozak, P. - Acad. of Sc., Prag
    Stepwise Synthesis of Reactive Programs
  7. Li, W.X. - Univ. of West. Austr.
    A Simple and Efficient Incremental LL(1) Parsing
  8. Lucas, S. - Univ. P. de Valencia
    Fundamentals of Contex-Sensitive Rewriting
  9. Matyska, L., Bures, H. - MU Brno
    Constraint Logic Programming with Fuzzy Sets
  10. Meunier, F., Zemanek, P. - Evry, CVUT
    Parallel Processing of Image Database Queries
  11. Motyckova, L. - MU Brno
    Maximum Flow Problem in Distributed Environment
  12. Phuong, N.H. - Ac. of Sc., Prag
    Fuzzy Set Theory and Medical expert systems: Survey and Model
  13. Pirotte, A., van den Berghe, T., Zimanyi, E. - Univ. of Brussels
    The Fusion OO Method: an Evaluation
  14. Repaska, Z. - Bratislava
    Integration of OO Analysis and Algebraic Specifications
  15. Rozloznik, M., Strakos, Z. - Ac. of Sc., Prag
    On the Optimal Implementation of some Residual Minimizing Krylov Space Methods
  16. Smith, C., Tau, C.A. - Univ. de la Plata
    A Formal Lazy Replication Regime for Spreading Conversion Functions over Objectbases
  17. Sima, J. - Ac. of Sc. Prag
    Hopfield Languages
  18. Stuller, J. - Ac. of Sc., Prag
    Inconsistency Conflict Resolution
  19. Tambouris, E., van Santen, P. - Brunel Univ.
    A Methodology for Performance and Scalability Analysis
  20. Tuma, M., Rozloznik, M. - Ac. of Sc., Prag
    On the Efficiency of Superscalar and Vector Computer for some Problems in Scientific Computing
  21. Vojtas, P., Paulik, L. - Ac. of Sc., Bratisl.
    Logical Programming in RPL and RQL
  22. Zizka, J., Snajdarkova, I. - TU Brno
    Recognition of Handwritten Characters using Instance-Based Learning Algorithms