Organizing Committee of SOFSEM '97
Faculty of Informatics MU
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60200 BRNO
Czech Republic

Phone: +420-5-41512214
Fax: +420-5-41212747

SOFSEM '97 -- Travel Instructions for non Czech/Slovak participants & IT/CT Lecturers

SOFSEM '97 -- the 24th international seminar on current trends in theory and practice of Informatics -- will be held in Milovy, Czech Republic, from November 22 to 29. Milovy is a small village in the Bohemian-Moravian Uplands (the central part of the Czech Republic) by the town Zdar nad Sázavou, not too far from central higway D-1 connecting Prague and Brno, two biggest cities of the country.

SOFSEM'97 will take place in the hotel 'Devet skal' ('Nine Rocks') located in the village Milovy, at the waterside of a pond. The hotel offers modern and attractive facilities, including excellent accommodation, conference rooms, and recreation facility (swimming pool, sauna, fitness centre, day club, coffee-rooms, and other services).
Address: Hotel 'Devet skal'	 Phone: +420-616-94282 ,84 ,86
         592 03 Milovy           Fax:   +420-616-94311
         The Czech Republic
Milovy is one of the best known tourist and sport centres of the Bohemian-Moravian Uplands (altitude of about 700 meters). Concerning the weather at the time of SOFSEM, the temperature will be probably ranging from -5 to +5 degrees of Celsius, with occasional rain and snow showers; even heavy snowing, although not very probable, cannot be excluded. Drivers should be aware of icy roads occuring in the winter season. The hilly country is very colourful and pleasant for cross-country skiing (skiing equipment is available at the hotel sport centre) and/or walking -- therefore good shoes and sufficiently warm clothing are recommended.

The nearest international airports are Prague (recommended because of better public transport connections to Milovy) and Vienna.
4.a From PRAGUE:

By Special SOFSEM Bus:

Special SOFSEM bus will be organized for participants travelling from Prague on Friday November 21st.

The bus will depart from Zikova street No 4 (Rector office of Czech Technical University),
Metro station 'DEJVICKA'
at 19:00.

By Train:

There are several daily train connections from Prague to Zdár nad Sázavou (to be pronounced as 'Zhdyaar nad Saazavou'). Then the transport by SOFSEM car should be requested to take you from Zdár nad Sázavou -- railway station to Milovy.
Train Nr./Name       Departure    Prague Zdár n.Sáz.  Operates
277 R DEVIN          Praha hl.n.   5:52     8:28      daily
077 IC M.CORVINUS    Praha-Holes.  7.27     9:43      daily
279 R SLOVAN         Praha hl.n.  11:52    14:21      daily
671 R VYSOCINA       Praha hl.n.  14:22    17:01      daily
275 R SLOVEN.STRELA  Praha hl.n.  16:37    18:54      daily
673 R BRNENSKY DRAK  Praha-Holes. 18:12    20:38      not on Sat!
375 R PANNONIA       Praha hl.n.  22:36     1:04      daily

  • Train fare Prague -- Zdár nad Sázavou is app. 110 Kc (4 USD).
  • You are advised to plan at least 60 minutes for transport from Praha-Ruzyne airport to the centre of the town.

4.b From VIENNA (for further detailed info see online schedules)

You can use EuroCity trains Vienna-Prague to get to Havlíckuv Brod; then the transport by SOFSEM car should be requested to take you from Havlíckuv Brod -- railway station to Milovy.
Train Nr./Name  Vienna Sudbf  Brno  Havlíckuv Brod  Destination  Operates
070 EC DVORAK         7:25 -  9:03 - 10:19       -->Prague     daily
172 EC VINDOBONA     11:25 - 13:03 - 14:19       -->Berlin     daily
072 EC SMETANA       15:25 - 17:18 - 18:33       -->Prague     daily

A more precise/convenient travel plan can be prepared for you at SOFSEM '97; below you will find just a few connections for your information:

By Special SOFSEM Bus:

Special SOFSEM bus will be organized for participants travelling to Prague on

SATURDAY November 29.

The bus will depart from Milovy at 7:30 arriving to Prague app. at 10:00 a.m.

By Train:

The SOFSEM car should be requested to transport you from Milovy to Zdar n/S. -- railway station.
Train Nr./Name       Zdár n/S.  Prague  (station)   Days of operation
672 R BRNENSKY DRAK  6:23        8:50   Holesovice  not on Sun
4270 O /652          7:27       10:01   Main st.    daily 
274 R SLOVEN.STRELA  8:35       11:01   Main st.    daily
278 R SLOVAN        14:58       17:32   Main st.    daily
276 R DEVIN         18:37       21:18   Main st.    daily
076 IC M.CORVINUS   20:22       22:45   Holesovice  daily 

5.b To Vienna:

The SOFSEM car should be requested to transport you from Milovy to Havlickuv Brod -- railway station.
Train Nr./Name  Havl.Brod  Brno  Vienna Sudbf   Operation
071 EC DVORAK     19:32 - 20:51 -  22:33        daily
173 EC VINDOBONA  15:32 - 16:51 -  18:33        daily
073 EC SMETANA    11:17 - 12:36 -  14:33        daily


  1. By October 31st, please, let us know your travel plans to allow organize all neccessary arrangements (car transport from/to a railway station, accommodation, etc.)
  2. Contact SOFSEM organizers if none of the above mentioned transport is acceptable for you and a special travel arrangement is needed.

We look forward to seeing you at SOFSEM '97 and wish you an enjoyable stay in the Czech Republic.

Best wishes,