SOFSEM '97 - Venue

The winter school will be held at the Devet-skal (Nine Rocks) Hotel , Milovy. The hotel is located in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands (central part of the Czech Republic) near the town of Zdar nad Sazavou. The recreation facility offers swimming pool, sauna, fitness centre, day-club, coffee-rooms, and other services. The location is easily accessible from airports at Prague or Vienna (2-3 hours by car, bus or train).

Address, Phone, FAX

Devet-skal Hotel
529 00 Snezne na Morave
Czech Republic
Tel: +420-0616-664 282
FAX: +420-0616-664 311

                  Devet-skal, Milovy
  Praha    ============= Brno ====== Bratislava
(airport)                  |

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Sight of Devet-skal hotel Countryside

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