Student Research Forum

SOFSEM 2017 will host a Student Research Forum (SRF) to provide young researchers with valuable scientific feedback and networking. Master and PhD students are invited to present their research ideas and projects, discuss them with the scientific community, and establish collaborations in their field of research.

The Student Research Forum will be held as a combination of short 10 minutes presentations and poster sessions.

All of the Student Research Forum authors will be invited to submit to the post proceedings of the conference. These submissions (subject to a full peer-review process) will be published in the open access journal Electronic Communications of the EASST at no charge.

Best Student Research Proposal, Best Student Presentation and Best Poster will be awarded during the conference.

Slovak Society for Computer Science is a sponsor of the Best Student Paper Award.

Slovak Society for Computer Science


To submit as an author in the Student Research Forum, you have to submit a Research Proposal via e-mail to the Student Research Forum Chair, Anila Mjeda (anila.mjeda <at>, with the subject line SOFSEM 2017/SRF. The Research Proposal has to be structured according to official SRF template and must not exceed 4 pages. Submissions not following the template will be desk rejected.


All of the student research proposals will be reviewed by the SOFSEM 2017 Program Committee.

The Program Committee will select participants using the following criteria:

  1. The relevance of the research to the scope of the conference.
  2. Quality of the research proposal.
  3. Stage of the research (to ensure diversity of submissions from students that might be at their very first research submission or at the end of their Master’s/PhD).


The authors of the accepted contributions will be asked to submit a camera ready version of their research-proposal and a printed poster in size A1 (594 × 841 mm vertical/portrait orientation).

The authors must register for the SOFSEM 2017 Student Research Forum and present in it. The Student Research Forum will take place in Limerick on January 17, 2017. The posters will be on display during all of the SOFSEM 2017 and generous coffee breaks will offer plenty of opportunity to present posters, get supportive feedback and establish collaborations with other researchers.

Important Dates

Submissions are accepted until November 15, 2016.


Student Research Forum Chair
Anila Mjeda (University of Limerick and Lero, Ireland Ireland)
anila.mjeda <at> (with the subject line “SOFSEM 2017/SRF”).

SRF Template




  1. Problem and Research Question

    Which problem do you address with your research? Why is this important? What is the central research question and what do you want to find out? What knowledge do you expect to gain?

  2. Related Work

    What are the three most important works of other groups to which your research is related? How these did works influence you? What do you do better than existing works?

  3. Methods

    How do you conduct your research? Which methods do you use? How do you verify or evaluate your results?

  4. Preliminary Results

    Describe your preliminary results. Why should we trust these results? How did you check them?

  5. Next Steps

    What are the next steps in your work? What is missing before your work can become a dissertation?

  6. References


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