Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science
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Mogens Nielsen, Aarhus, Denmark

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Students Research Forum


An integral part of SOFSEM 2009 is the Student Research Forum. Student Research Forum is organized with the aim to publish and to discuss student projects in the field of theory and practice of Computer Science. The Forum will offer students the opportunity to receive feedback on the progress of their work, including e.g. originality and ideas for future work. Sufficient space for discussion and exchange of experience will be provided during the forum itself and will continue throughout the SOFSEM Conference.

To be eligible, all authors of submitted papers must be students, except for the possible supervisor. Best student papers and best student presentations will be awarded during the conference (kindly sponsored by Profinit).

SOFSEM 2009, January 24-30, 2009, ©pindlerův Mlýn, Czech Republic